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2021 - 2022

Where once stood an interior-block house, it is now proposed a small garden structure. A considerable part of the existing pavement was removed, totting sensitively 30m2 of green surface to the courtyard. This new built space enables multiple livings, like an outdoor office, playroom for children, to name a few.

It is composed by a small structure, punctually placed on the pavement - it’s supports consist of a wall and a toilet core, that divides the main space from a smaller one, for domestic purposes. An exterior technical cabinet caps the sout-east end of the lot. This particular garden space has exceptional characteristics to lighten the program load of its main house, as it was common practice in 19th century, for social and domestic reasons.

The white concrete, and notably its stereotomy, seeks to convey a shelter athmosphere, in this case in a small garden. It enhances the distinct and contemporary character of the work, pursuing an harmony and adequate scale, when confronted with its immediate surrounding outbuildings.

primitive hut - Marc-Antoine Laugier
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